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Benefits of sports mouthguard

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a dental appliance worn over your teeth. They cushion the impact of contact sports injuries to your teeth and soft tissues.

High-impact sports that require mouthguards include basketball, boxing, football, field hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, ice hockey, rugby, racquetball, skateboarding, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, skiing etc.

The Australian Dental Association recommends the use of appropriate mouthguards to minimise the incidence and severity of tooth damage.

What are the benefits of mouthguards?

  1. Offers protection to your teeth.
  2. Offers protection to the soft tissues in your mouth. .
  3. Protection of already existing dental restorations, crowns/veneers.
  4. Prevent serious injuries. When you invest in a good custom fit mouthguard, it can absorb a punch to the jaw. This can help prevent fractures, concussions, and neck injuries.
  5. Saves you Money! Without a mouthguard, you are more likely to break, chip, fracture or lose your tooth/teeth that could result in complex treatments.

Can Kids wear Mouthguards?

Yes, regardless of age, children playing contact and non contact sports should wear a mouthguard. Here at, Smile Care Dentists Geelong, we can make a customized mouthguard that is not only comfortable but also provides the best protection to your child’s teeth. The best part of having a custom mouth guard is they can be customized as per your favourite team’s colour.

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