Dental Anxiety in children

Dental Anxiety in children

Children’s dentistry

•Going to the dentist for some children can be stressful!


•Change in behaviour – irritability, restlessness, tension, crying

•Increase in heart rate


•Obsessive tendencies

•Shaking or trembling

•At Smile Care Dentists we use the Tell-Show-Do technique This is where we tell the child what we are going to do, show them, then do it.

•We will show the child around the room and the way things happen, the buttons we are going to press and let them hold the instruments we are going to use. We take it slowly until we know they are comfortable.

•Parents should avoid passing any of their experiences/fears onto their children and speak positive about the dentist.

If your child experiences dental anxiety, inform one of our friendly dentists who will advise you on tips to reduce anxiety in your child.