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Dental Anxiety in children

Children’s dentistry •Going to the dentist for some children can be stressful! SIGNS YOUR CHILD MAY BE ANXIOUS •Change in behaviour – irritability, restlessness, tension, crying •Increase in heart rate •Avoidance •Obsessive tendencies •Shaking or trembling •At Smile Care Dentists we use the Tell-Show-Do technique This is where we tell the child what we are going to do, show them, then do it. •We will show the child around the room and the way things…

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Pregnancy and Dental

Are you concerned about your oral health during your pregnancy? We’ve got you covered! Pregnancy can lead to dental issues for some women including gum disease and increased risk for tooth decay. During pregnancy your increased hormones can affect your body’s response to plaque. Therefore, it is important to maintain your 3-6 monthly check up and cleans during your pregnancy. Pregnancy does not automatically damage your teeth, however pregnancy may lead to dental problems for…

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Our payment plans

At Smile Care Dentists we like to make sure your dental care is of ultimate quality and accessible to all our patients. We believe that quality dentistry should be available to everyone. We understand that one payment may not be a realistic option for some patients, which is why we have chosen to work with DentiCare, After Pay and Zip Money for our interest free payment plans. Whether it is Invisalign, Cosmetic Dentistry or any…

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